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UTONIC® Wins Beverage of the Year

UTONIC® takes out Beverage of the Year and Best of the Best at the 2018 Food and Beverage Industry Awards

UTONIC® Wins Beverage of the Year

Young South Australian drinks company UTONIC® Beverages has been awarded Beverage of the Year and Best

of the Best at the 2018 The Food & Beverage Industry Awards.

Held last night in Sydney, the 2018 Food & Beverage Industry Awards is the premier national awards program

for recognising the successes and innovation of the industry.

“We’re stoked to be awarded Beverage of the Year,” said co-founder Michael Brinkley. “Industry recognition

means a lot to a young company like us and it’s encouraging to know we bumped out some major drinks

brands to win this award.”

The awards were won by the UTONIC® REPAIR Natural Tonic, which restores the body with powerful

antioxidants from blueberry, pomegranate and sour cherry, as well as containing turmeric and ginger, which

have been shown to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea functions.

Founded in 2016, the 100% natural, functional drink company was created by founders Michael Brinkley,

Tyson Goldsack, Leigh Morgan and Toby Yap, who shared a belief that it should be possible to lead a healthy

life while also achieving their daily goals in today’s high-pressure, fast-paced, work, sporting and social


The innovative drink company’s portfolio is composed of the UTONIC® Natural Tonic Range and the UTONIC®

Kombucha Zero range, all scientifically formulated functional drinks, blended from real foods and targeted

nutrients to help you transform the way you feel.

The award has come just weeks before UTONIC® launches national distribution with Manassen Foods, with

the full UTONIC beverage collection to be available Australia wide from September.

“It’s been a challenging 24 months, in a very competitive industry, but we are starting to see the hard work

pay off,” said co-founder Toby Yap. “We excited to be launching with Manassen Foods. We see them as the

perfect partner for UTONIC® due to their increased focus on functional foods and beverages.”

Created by the very people who need and use it, UTONIC® drinks are designed to work as part of real life,

proving that it is possible to take control and transform the way you feel, without preservatives, chemical

highs or negative side effects. UTONIC® is 100% Australian owned, created and manufactured.

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