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Stress and how to take control

Whether it’s work related or you’re just going through a tough time, at some point in our lives we all experience stress

Whether it’s work related or you’re just going through a tough time, at some point in our lives we all experience stress. As much as 73% of people say they regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress1, while 33% feel they are living with extreme stress1.

Everyone recognises stress as feelings of pressure and anxiety – not having enough hours in the day or facing a seemingly unsurmountable problem – but there are other signs and symptoms that you may be missing.

Stress can manifest itself in feelings of fatigue during the day and a lack of concentration2. Restless sleep during the night only compounds these symptoms, making you even less able to handle whatever has been causing the problem. When we’re under stress, our diet also tends to suffer. Who hasn’t reached for fast food, a sugary treat, or even alcohol when we’re feeling low?

Everyone manages stress differently. Some things work and some don’t and often it’s a combination of strategies that can work.

  • Take time out – practice yoga, meditation, listen to music, get a massage. Check out the app HEADSPACE for guidance on meditation


  • Take deep breaths – sounds so simple but often we forget to just breathe and don’t even realise that our breathing has become shallow and rapid. Check out Breathe2relax and Stop, Breathe, Think apps



  • Exercise daily – It doesn’t have to be CrossFit or a half marathon. Go for a walk and get some fresh air and even better get a friend to join you.
  • Eat well balance meals – don’t skip meals and don’t avoid carbs. Carbohydrate is crucial for your brain to work at its best. Include a good quality protein (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, tofu), minimally process grains (brown rice, quinoa, multigrain bread) and vegetables in every meal.
  • Talk to someone – a friend, a family member, a psychologist. You are not alone.

UTONIC® Calm was developed because we too experienced stress and anxiety in our daily lives. We needed something to help us hit the pause button on life long enough to relax and get a good night’s sleep. UTONIC® Calm contains sour cherry which naturally contains melatonin, known to help with sleep3, passionflower and chamomile that can have calming effects on the body4,5,6 and decaffeinated green tea that contains l-theanine that can reduce anxiety7. Mixing a UTONIC® Calm with a little hot water for a bedtime drink, in conjunction with some gentle meditation, will help you drift off naturally to deep and uninterrupted sleep.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, we recommend consulting your health professional or reaching out through beyondblue.

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