What is UTONIC®?
—We are a functional beverage company creating a healthier body and mind through naturally great tasting drinks that are scientifically designed for living life.

Why the name UTONIC®?
— We wanted to create a functional drink for U.

What are functional beverages?
— These are beverages that are created with added health benefits due to the functional properties of the ingredients used.

Does UTONIC® contain anything artificial?
— No, we are 100% natural, no artificial colours or flavours.

Are there added sugars in UTONIC®?
— No, we do not add any sugars to our drinks.

Can I drink UTONIC® if I am Gluten Free?
—Yes, of course!

Can I drink UTONIC® if I am Vegan?
—Absolutely! However our Collagen drink is not 100% vegan.

Where do the ingredients in UTONIC® come from?
— Some of the ingredients used are from right here in Australia, however sometimes we can’t secure the quality or quantity of a certain product we need so these are sourced from our trusted suppliers overseas.

How often should I drink UTONIC®?
— Everything in moderation, as they say, but we feel that including UTONIC® as part of your holistic health plan will bring rewards.

Once opened how long do I have to drink my UTONIC®?
— We guarantee you will enjoy it that much you will drink it in one day, however, if you don’t get around to finishing it put it in the fridge and consume within 2 days.

Are your bottles recyclable?
— Yes, in SA and NT these will get you 10c back in your pocket.

Can I reuse the plastic bottle?
— Our bottles are ‘disposable’ packaging. We don’t recommend reusing them because they can’t be properly sterilized.

Where can I get UTONIC®?
—Check our stockists page for listed places. However, if we aren’t there, ask someone to stock us. Or if you want UTONIC® without leaving the bed, order online with free delivery.


When is the best time to use Utonic Charge?
— Our team uses Utonic Charge when they need that extra boost during the day or even before and after the gym, but you need to decide when Charge works best for you.

When is the best time to use Utonic Repair?
— Our team uses Utonic Repair after a big training session or even after a big night out, but you need to decide when Repair works best for you.

When is the best time to use Utonic Calm?
— Our team uses Utonic Calm when they are a little stressed out or even after dinner before bed, but you need to decide when Calm works best for you.

Are Utonic Tonics safe for professional athletes?
— Utonic has been batch tested by a NATA accredited laboratory and no WADA prohibited substances were detected. A batch testing certificate can be provided upon request. Utonic is committed to ensuring our products are safe for everyone to consume.

Are UTONIC® Natural Tonics safe while pregnant or breastfeeding?
— The levels of caffeine in UTONIC® are well below the suggested safe levels from leading experts, but if you are unsure then please seek advice from your medical practitioner.

Do the drinks need to be refrigerated?
— No, all UTONIC® drinks are shelf stable so it do not require refrigeration. You can choose to consume them chilled or at room temperature. Our kombucha because it is sugar free can also be stored at room temperature. UTONIC® should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 2 days after opening.

Are UTONIC® Natural Tonics suitable for children?
— We have created a product using real foods and no preservatives and UTONIC®should be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet. Utonic products however should not replace real food in your child’s diet. Utonic Charge naturally contains caffeine from green tea and children can be more sensitive to caffeine.

Can I drink UTONIC® to replace meals?                                                                                                                                                  — UTONIC® should be consumed within a healthy balanced diet and should not replace core foods required for good health.


Does Utonic Kombucha contain alcohol?
— Any fermented food or beverage contains a trace amount of alcohol which is produced during the fermentation process. However, our Kombucha’s amount is 0.5% which national standards declare as non-alcoholic. We ensure all our batches are vigorously tested to ensure it does not go over this amount.

What is the sugar content of Utonic Kombucha?— Our Kombucha contains zero sugar. Although it is listed as an ingredient it is only used during the fermentation process where the magic happens resulting in a zero sugar product. We understand the importance of low sugar drinks that’s why we created our Zero Sugar Kombucha.

How come my Utonic  Kombucha does not need to be refrigerated?
— Although our Kombucha tastes great cold and over a glass of ice, we are perfectly fine to be kept out of the fridge. With all that sugar brewed out of us, there is no risk of refermentation (or lids flying off). All our cultures are live and strong. We can last up to 12 months ambient and the team at UTONIC have tested this to prove it.

My Kombucha doesn’t seem to be as fizzy as others, is this right?
— Yes, 100% at Utonic we have not pumped our drinks with CO2 which is how others get that real fizz. Ours is naturally carbonated, therefore, less fizzy which lets you skull it down when you need to quench your thirst.

Can I drink Utonic Kombucha when pregnant or breastfeeding?
— Yep, absolutely. Consuming fermented products when pregnant or breastfeeding has been done for thousands of years and proven safe. If unsure please consult your health professional.

Can children drink Utonic Kombucha?
— Of course and we encourage this. We have a lot of parents that swear by our Kombucha for their kids. As it is zero sugar it is a great alternative to give to children instead of sugary soft drinks. Children enjoy the flavours we have created at Utonic too.

What does SCOBY stand for?
—SCOBY stands for; Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. This is what ferments the tea and changes it into Kombucha.