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David is a passionate Ultra-Runner with 20 years of global experience and elite achievements. Over his career he has raced across the globe, from the frozen tundra of Alaska to the searing heat of the Jordan desert.

David is constantly pushing himself to the extreme, both mentally and physically, which puts him in the position to understand exactly what is required to be your best in whatever arena you perform.

Last year David completed his longest challenge to date breaking the world record for the full completion of the iconic Heysen Trail (South Australia) a distance of 1,200 km in 13 days 16 hours and 16 minutes.

David has been on the winner’s podium twice for Australia’s longest non-stop race in, Coast to Kosciusko (240km), completing the race in just over 28 hours.

In 2018 David will represent Australia at the Trail Running World Championships in Spain racing 86km across the Penyagolosa Massif Mountain Range.

This high-performance athlete epitomises the human spirit and physical potential.

“I am always looking for ways to improve my performance and was excited when I discovered UTONIC® this year. In all of my years of running I have never seen such a unique and convenient drink offering such an array of superhero natural ingredients!”

“As an ultra-distance runner, it’s imperative to be able to fuel my body efficiently and therefore I require a product for before and after my exertions. The UTONIC® range has me covered for all my needs while still being 100% natural. “



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